European Union: Kids debate whether to stay in or leave

  • 22 June 2016
Vote leave and vote remain signs

Today is the last day for people to decide if the UK should remain in, or leave, the group of 28 countries called the European Union.

Adults will vote on the issue tomorrow in a nationwide event called a referendum. The outcome of the vote will affect all of us.

Kids debate

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Kids debate staying in or leaving the EU

Even though kids can't vote in the referendum, lots of you have been telling us what you think about Britain's membership of the EU.

Newsround visited a school where they have been debating whether adults should stay in, or vote to leave.

Newsround road trip

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Naz and Ricky have been on a roadtrip to find out what kids think of some of the important issue

It's a debate which affects lots of different people, including British people who live in Europe. It affects lots of things from trade to farming.

Naz and Ricky have been on the road across Europe finding out what kids there think of the big debate happening in Britain.

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