Clear-up begins after cyclone Winston

  • 23 February 2016
A resident repairing his damaged house following Cyclone Winston in Fiji's Ba district (22 February 2016) Image copyright AFP

People living in Fiji are beginning a huge clean up after cyclone Winston hit at the weekend.

More than 8,000 people had to leave their homes and are still sheltering in evacuation centres.

The storm has been described as the worst to ever hit the South Pacific island, with 200 mph winds, torrential rain and waves of up to 12 metres.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The damage in remote areas is reported to be especially bad

Fiji is a country made up of lots of islands but the two biggest are called Viti Levu and Koro.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption In parts of the country few buildings have been left standing

On Koro island, the houses of around 2,000 families have been destroyed by the cyclone.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Many parts of the country are still without power

So far, it's thought that 29 people have died because of the storm.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption The storm sent huge piles of debris including uprooted trees into rivers

Government officials say the clear-up from cyclone Winston could take months.

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