UK to accept more refugee children separated from families

  • 28 January 2016
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UK to accept more child refugees

The government has said more child refugees who have been separated from their families will be allowed to come and live in the UK.

War in Syria and other countries has forced tens of thousands of people, including lots of children, to leave their homes and look for safety in other countries.

It is a difficult journey and some children have been split up from their families on the way, and have had to carry on travelling alone.

The UK has already promised to take 20,000 refugees from Syria in the next four years, but many campaigners and politicians say that they should do more.

Now, it has been decided that some of those unaccompanied children will be invited to start a new life in the UK.

The government has said it will only invite children who are still in refugee camps in the Middle East. It's not yet known how many will be allowed to come to the UK.

Some charities like Save the Children are worried because the new plan won't include children who have already made the difficult and dangerous journey to Europe. Charities were hoping that children who have already arrived in countries like Italy and Greece would also be helped.

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John Maguire in Jungle camp

The government has also announced that it will give £10 million to help vulnerable young refugees in Europe.

The money will be used to help the children who are most at risk in Europe, to provide them with 'safe places' to stay, as well as extra support.

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