La Grande Odyssée takes place with dogs racing across the Alps

  • 20 January 2016
Dog sled race Image copyright AFP

An annual dog sled race called La Grande Odyssée is taking place in the French Alps.

It involves dogs racing in teams together, led by their leaders, called mushers, who direct the dogs and get pulled along behind them.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption The dogs are led by what's known as a musher

The race takes place over two weeks and has 10 different stages.

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Image caption Around 300 dogs take part in the race

The teams race through mountain trails, taking in the amazing scenery of the snowy Alps.

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After each day of racing, the teams and their dogs camp overnight and get ready for the next days action.

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Image caption Each musher has 14 dogs to race throughout the competition

Each musher has a team of 14 dogs and they choose which ones to race in each stage. Having a bigger group also means they can swap dogs if they become tired.

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The race has eight vets spread out over the stages, to make sure the dogs are taken care of.

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Image caption This dog is covered in snow after racing

Organisers say La Grande Odyssée is one of the world's most challenging dog sled races because the teams have to race high up into the mountains and are set different speed challenges.

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