Twins born in different years

  • 3 January 2016
Mum Maribel holding twins Jaelyn and Luis Image copyright AP

Twins from San Diego in America have been born just minutes apart but in different years.

Baby girl Jaelyn was born on New Year's Eve in the last minute of 2015 and her brother Luis was born in the first few minutes of New Year's Day.

Because they weren't born on the same day, it might make birthday parties in the future a bit tricky.

"Maribel really wanted to have the babies on the same birthday because you know later on in the years, they're going to have a little confrontation and be like, 'my birthday came first,' so it means two birthday parties, back to back," Dad Luis said.

Image copyright AP
Image caption The twins have an older sister called Isabella

The twins, along with their Mum Maribel, are said to be healthy and happy.

Their Dad, Luis, called it a New Year's blessing to have two healthy children.

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