What is Thanksgiving?

  • 26 November 2015
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Image caption Every Thanksgiving there is a huge parade through New York City.

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in America. Nearly everyone gets one or two days off school or work, and it marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season.

When is it?

Thanksgiving comes every year on the fourth Thursday in November.

What's the history of Thanksgiving?

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Image caption At the very first Thanksgiving, the Native Americans and the European settlers sat down to eat together. In this picture, people are recreating the story.

Thanksgiving Day goes back to the time when Europeans travelled over to start new lives in America.

In 1621 a group of Europeans, who became known as the 'Pilgrims', invited the local Native Americans to join them in a feast.

The Pilgrims had had trouble growing enough food to eat in the years before. The Native Americans had taught the Pilgrims how to grow crops successfully and, to thank them for this, the Pilgrims invited them to a big feast.

What happens these days?

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Image caption Most people roast a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving and eat a big meal with friends and family.

Nowadays, most people use Thanksgiving as a day to spend time with their families and eat a big meal together.

Usually people eat turkey - this has become a tradition because it's thought that the Pilgrims probably ate turkey around the time of the first Thanksgiving feast.

But if turkey's not your thing, there are lots of other events to celebrate Thanksgiving. There's a famous parade through New York City, and there are always lots of American football matches on the TV.

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