Andy Murray's ice cream disguise surprises tennis fans

  • 20 August 2015
Andy Murray in disguise Image copyright Twitter

Customers at an ice cream parlour in the US had quite a shock when they discovered that their frozen treat was being served by a Wimbledon champion.

Tennis ace Andy Murray went undercover in a wig, hat and glasses selling ice creams at the US Masters in Cincinnati.

But his real identity was soon discovered and Andy happily put down the ice cream scoop for photos with his fans.

Image copyright Twitter
Image caption Andy Murray had a very short career as an ice cream man before he was spotted. Maybe try a moustache next time Andy.

Here are a few other celebrities who have been a little sneaky and tried to disguise themselves.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Prince Harry disguised himself as his brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, during a run. Confusing!
Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Not really a disguise, just an ordinary day for Lady Gaga, in one of her many weird and wild outfits.
Image copyright Daniel Radcliffe
Image caption Is that Spiderman? No! It's a wizard. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe wore the famous crime-fighter's suit to sneak around last year's Comic-con.
Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Justin Bieber fails to pull off a convincing disguise at an award ceremony in America.
Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Who could this masked wonder be?! It's Nancy Cartwright, the voice of everyone's favourite cartoon schoolboy, Bart Simpson.