Alton Towers closed for fifth day following ride crash

  • 7 June 2015
The Smiler ride at Alton Towers Image copyright Reuters

Alton Towers will remain closed for a fifth day as investigations into a crash on the Smiler ride at the theme park continue.

Sixteen people were injured, four seriously, in the crash that happened on Tuesday.

Three more rides shut

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Watch Ricky's report about the rollercoasters

Merlin Entertainments, who own the park, said on Friday that alongside Smiler, three other rollercoasters at their theme parks would be shut for safety reasons.

The 'Saw' ride at Thorpe Park, is shut "for the foreseeable future".

Dragon's Fury and Rattlesnake rides at Chessington World of Adventures have also been closed.

A Chessington spokeswoman said its two rides were safe, but staff working on them needed further training before they could be reopened, which she hoped would not take more than a few days.

When will Alton Towers reopen?

Merlin Entertainments say they are working towards re-opening the theme park over the next few days, when they have made sure that the rides and park are safe for everyone.

Are rollercoasters safe?

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Accidents on rollercoasters are extremely rare - the chance of being injured whilst on a ride is one in 24 million.

The company say they have added safety procedures to "reinforce the safe operation of our multi-car rollercoasters" which were "effective immediately".

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