How UK kids watched the eclipse

  • 20 March 2015
Children and woman watching an eclipse Image copyright ugc
Image caption Tora says: Too cloudy to see the eclipse so we built one with stones instead!

Many parts of the UK have experienced a very rare partial solar eclipse, one of the most spectacular in years.

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Your eclipse moments...

Image caption Sasha took this artistic snap of the eclipse on Beacon Hill in Loughborough
Image caption Tabitha in Yatton watched the eclipse safely using her projection.
Image copyright UGC
Image caption Here's P6P at St Ninians Primary School in Stirling, Scotland, who projected their class name in eclipses!

"We looked through pinhole viewers and colanders. We also made a viewer out of a poster tube. We saw the sun turn into a tiny crescent and we got really chilly! It was amazing!"

Kestrels Class, Welford Sibbertoft and Sulby primary school, Northamptonshire

Image copyright UGC
Image caption Ross age 7 and Kyla age 6 made special viewing boxes to watch the eclipse.
Image copyright UGC
Image caption Zac in Cornwall made a viewer with two bits of paper so he could see the eclipse before going to school.
Image copyright UGC
Image caption Over 700 pupils and their teachers at a school in Wrexham watched the eclipse today, through special glasses, pinhole cameras and welding masks!
Image copyright ugc
Image caption Joseph, aged 9, made a special pinhole viewer to take to school in Cambridgeshire.
Image copyright UGC
Image caption Oliver, age 10, from Daresborough told Newsround: "This is our home eclipse viewing experiment."
Image copyright ABBC
Image caption Ayshah and these kids on the Isle of Lewis had their specs at the ready
Image caption Jessica in Basildon didn't have any eclipse joy. She said: "I was ready to watch the eclipse but didn't get to see it due to weather."

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