Are we winning the fight against Ebola?

  • 5 December 2014
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Hayley's got more on the fight to stop the spread of Ebola...

The fight to prevent the spread of Ebola appears to be starting to show results.

The World Health Organisation says there's progress in many of the affected areas in West Africa.

The outbreak began last February in Guinea - over 3,500 miles away from the UK.

Medical teams from around the world have been working hard to try to stop the spread of the virus in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Guinea.

'Fight not over'

In Liberia and Guinea, the efforts seem to be working: the number of people becoming infected is slowing down.

And in Nigeria there has only been a small number of cases.

But experts say the fight is far from over. In Sierra Leone the number of people catching Ebola is still rising quickly.

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US President Barack Obama said the plan for fighting Ebola was "beginning to show results".

"We're seeing some progress, but the fight is not even close to being over," he said.

"Every hotspot is an ember that if not contained can become a new fire, so we cannot let down our guard even for a minute. And we can't just fight this epidemic, we have to extinguish it," he added.

20,000 orphans

But it isn't just about stopping the disease - thousands of children have been left without anyone to look after them.

The British charity, Street Child says there are around 20,000 children in Sierra Leone and Liberia that have been orphaned as result of the outbreak.

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