Hundreds of thousands stranded by severe flooding

  • 10 September 2014
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The BBC's Andrew North sees how rescue workers are using boats in Pakistan

Hundreds of thousands of people have been stranded by severe flooding in parts of India and Pakistan.

They have been cut off by rising flood waters which have swept away bridges and covered roads.

Landslides have damaged roads and power lines, leaving many people without electricity and drinking water.

People are being rescued by boats and food is being airlifted to areas affected by the flooding.

More than 375 people are known to have died in India and Pakistan since the flooding began.

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In some areas affected by the flooding the only way to get aid to people is by air, as Sanjoy Majumder reports

One of the worst affected places is Kashmir, an area between India and Pakistan which is partly run by each of the countries.

It is the worst flooding in 50 years in the part of Kashmir run by India.

Both countries' governments have promised to help the flood victims.

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