Yolo and binge-watch added to online dictionary

Jenny learns some new words

Yolo, adorbs and clickbait have all been added to the Oxford online dictionary.

The website keeps a record of English words and is often updated with new words.

Some of the new words...


a shortened version of adorable

"I love kittens they're adorbs."


watching a whole series of a TV show in one sitting

"My plan for today is binge-watching Tracy Beaker on BBC iPlayer."


a link on the internet that is worded in an enticing way to make you want to click it

"The website promised me a free smartphone but it was just clickbait."



"Melanie put mayo on her breakfast cereal. She cray!"


online acronym of shake my head

"Kirsty is late for school again. SMH."


spitting out liquid when something funny or surprising happens

"I was so surprised when I won the competition, I did a spit-take!"


somebody who is good with gadgets

"Ask Sameena to fix your phone, she's tech-savvy."


you only live once - used when doing something spontaneous

"I probably shouldn't dye my hair blue but yolo."

The words will not appear in the printed version of the Oxford English Dictionary yet - but they could be added if they remain popular for many years.

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