Rock Hyraxes: 'Little brothers of the elephant' born

1 August 2014 Last updated at 06:50 BST

Four baby Rock Hyraxes have been born in Chester Zoo. They are known as the 'little brothers of the elephant'.
Rock Hyrax
Rock Hyraxes may look like guinea pigs – but in fact they are one of the closest living relatives of the elephant.
Rock Hyrax with its baby
They have a remarkable genetic link to the elephant, similar toes, teeth and skull structures, and also have two large continually growing incisors, which are similar to an elephant’s tusks
Rock Hyrax mother with two babies
The tiny babies weighed just a few ounces when they were born on 20 July.
Baby Rock Hyrax
Rock hyraxes are native to Africa but can also be found along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and in Israel, where they are protected by law.
Rock Hyrax looks at its baby
As you may have guessed, they live in rocky terrain, and look for shelter and protection in rugged outcrops or cliffs.