Glastonbury's rubbish mountain

  • 30 June 2014
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Time-lapse video shows Glastonbury clean up

Over the last five days 175,000 people have visited the Glastonbury festival in Somerset. And they've made quite a mess.

During the course of the festival around 2,000 tonnes of rubbish are generated and this year the organisers are hoping to recycle more than 50% of it.

It could take six weeks to get the site clean with a litter picking crew of up to 800 people trying to clean up after the festival goers.

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How the recycling mountain at Glastonbury is cleared

The BBC's Andrew Plant takes a look at the amount of rubbish generated at Glastonbury every day and the efforts to recycle as much as possible.

Glastonbury Festival goers were given water bottles that can be reused to try to stop bottles being discarded after a single use.

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