Sgt Bowe Bergdahl's welcome-home party is cancelled

  • 5 June 2014
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Martin reports on the Sgt Bergdahl controversy

A welcome-home party for a US soldier who was held prisoner in Afghanistan for five years, has been cancelled.

Organisers said the event in his home town of Hailey, Idaho, has been cancelled because they were worried too many people would turn up.

Sgt Bowe Bergdahl was released by his Taliban captors on Saturday.

But some former soldiers have called him a deserter, meaning he walked away without permission - and have called for him to be punished.

At the moment Sgt Bergdahl is recovering in a military hospital in Germany. It is not yet known when he will return home to America.

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Accusations of desertion

It's not clear exactly what happened, but what we do know is that one night, in June 2009, Sergeant Bergdahl went missing from his army base.

He wasn't captured in battle, and some people think he may have chosen to leave his army base.

But no-one knows for sure exactly what he did, and many people are still supporting him.

The deal

President Barack Obama agreed a deal where Sgt Bergdahl would be swapped for five senior Taliban figures being held prisoner by the US.

Some people aren't happy with the president's deal, saying six US soldiers lost their lives trying to find the soldier.

But President Obama defended his decision to go ahead with the prisoner swap, saying America does not leave its soldiers behind.

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