Queen's Speech sets out government's plans

  • 4 June 2014
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Martin explains what the Queen's Speech is all about

The Queen has set out what the government plans to do during the last session of Parliament before the general election in May.

The Queen's Speech included the introduction of a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags in shops in England, with the money raised going to charity.

The government also wants to change rules on how much money parents get towards the cost of childcare and how much money older people get when they finish work.

It is a big moment for the government and a very grand occasion.

The Queen doesn't write the speech herself as it all comes from the government - but she reads it out because she is the leader of the country, or Head of State.

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Watch the Queen's grand arrival at Parliament

Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy PM Nick Clegg said the government is "still taking bold steps" to "take Britain forward to a brighter future".

But the opposition Labour party said they couldn't believe there was no mention inn the speech about the National Health Service, or the issue of immigration.

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