The secret to rock-paper-scissors

Ricky learns how to win rock, paper, scissors

Have you ever got frustrated at not winning rock-paper-scissors against your friends? Well researchers in China may have come up with a way to help...

Scientists got 360 people to play the game 300 times each and watched what happened.

They found that people don't tend to choose their next move randomly.

How to win rock paper scissors

Instead winners tend to stick with their winning move, and losers tend to change.

So if your friend has just used a rock and won, there's a good chance that they'll do it again, so you should switch to paper to try and beat them.

Whether you call it rock-paper-scissors or scissors-paper-stone, see if you can use this trick to beat your friends!

Scientists look at the way people behave in games like this to study human behaviour in other parts of life.

It helps to predict how people might make other decisions, like in business or with money.

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