Pictures: Amazing solar-powered things

10 April 2014 Last updated at 13:04 BST

A solar plane that will try to fly around the world has been unveiled, so we take a look at some other amazing things that can run on energy from the Sun.
Solar Impulse 2 plane
This solar plane has been built for an ambitious mission to fly around the world next year. But it is not the only thing that can run on energy from the Sun...
Solar-powered boat
This is the world's biggest solar-powered boat, the MS Turanor PlanetSolar. It has 500 square metres of solar panels to drive two electric engines. In 2012, it completed a journey around the world which took 585 days.
Taiwan National Stadium
Taiwan National Stadium is the largest stadium to use solar power in the world. It has a scale-like roof covered in 8,844 solar panels.
Solar-powered handbag
This handbag has a solar-powered lining that lights up to help the owner find stuff in the dark! A power cell on the outside traps light to keep the bag's battery charged. It was made by a Scottish designer.
Solar powered family car
This is a solar-powered family car that's been designed by students in the Netherlands. Could you see yourself going to school in it?
Solar powered Christmas tree
Lights shine on a 20 metre tall solar-powered Christmas tree in Brisbane, Australia. The tree has 16,000 Christmas bulbs!
Solar-powered parking meter
This is a solar-powered parking meter. The advantage of using them is that engineers don't have to dig up roads and pavements to lay down power cables. But when the first ones were installed in 2001 in Nottingham, they failed because of a lack of sunny weather!
Solar-powered bin
This is a solar-powered bin on the seafront of Bournemouth. It sends a text to the council to say when it is full and ready to be emptied.