Cat found after 5 days in sofa

  • 3 April 2014
crockett Image copyright St Luke's Hospice

A cat has been found safe and sound inside a sofa, 5 days after a couple donated the chair to a charity shop.

Pauline and Bill Lowe from Essex were very upset when they couldn't find their cat Crockett.

Luckily 5 days later the new owners of the sofa heard 'meowing' from it's base. When they opened up the sofa they discovered Crockett.

It's thought the 10-year-old cat got inside the sofa when staff from the charity shop took it apart at Crockett's home.

Image copyright St Luke's Hospice
Image caption Pauline and Bill Lowe were pleased to have Crockett back

He was returned safe and sound to Pauline and Bill, who were very pleased to have him back.