Giant chicken-like dinosaur discovered

  • 20 March 2014
A bird-like dinosaur. It has a feathered tail and wings. Its feathers are predominantly red. Image copyright Carnegie Museum of Natural History/PA

Scientists in the United States say they've discovered a new species of dinosaur.

Anzu Wyliei was a 3 metre tall bird-like dinosaur that lived alongside Tyrannosaurus rex about 66 million years ago.

Like a bird it had feathers, sharp claws and a toothless beak.

Image copyright Smithsonian institution/getty images
Image caption Scientists showed off this reconstructed skull

The scientists think their discovery proves dinosaurs were still evolving at the time they went extinct.

The bones were found at sites in North and South Dakota where many dinosaur fossils have been found before.

Anzu Wyliei's remains were discovered years ago but it has taken time for scientists to study them.