Winter Paralympics Opening Ceremony in pictures

8 March 2014 Last updated at 12:37 GMT

The 2014 Paralympic Winter Games kicked off at Sochi on Friday with a spectacular opening ceremony at the Fisht Olympic Stadium.
Fireworks at the Winter Paralympics Opening Ceremony
A huge explosion of fireworks opens the 2014 Winter Paralympics at Sochi, in Russia
Performer at the Sochi Paralympic Opening Ceremony
A performer dressed as a firebird, from Russian legend, sails from the roof of the stadium
Fireworks at the Winter Paralympics Opening Ceremony
Fireworks explode as dancers form the International Paralympic Committee logo
Giant ship
A giant icebreaker ship named 'Peace' sails into the stadium
Opening Ceremony of the Winter Paralympic Games
The Paralympic flag is raised during the Ceremony as people dance below
Dancers and the Russian flag
Russian dancers crowd around the Russian flag
Dancers join together to form a huge sheet of ice as the icebreaker ship enters the stadium
Singers in matching outfits
Singers at the ceremony create an amazing display dressed as clouds.
Dancers and the Paralympic flag
Dancers form the Paralympics logo as performers raise the Paralympic flag
Russian dancers at Sochi
Dancers recreate a typical Russian feast with some amazing acrobatics during the ceremony