Pictures: Tough Guy racers brave mud, water and fire

27 January 2014 Last updated at 12:33 GMT

Thousands of brave men and women compete in the Tough Guy race, running through mud, water and fire in Perton, near Wolverhampton.
Tough Guy competitor crawls under barbed wire
Is this the toughest race in the world? The annual Tough Guy race has taken place in Perton, near Wolverhampton. This guy is crawling through mud under barbed wire!
Tough Guy competitors in muddy water
Thousands of brave competitors have to overcome around 200 obstacles while getting muddy and wet!
Tough Guy competitor runs through fire
There are even burning obstacles to run through - something you should NOT try yourself!
Tough Guy competitor Nicholas Woods runs through electric shocks
Oh did we mention having to run through wires that can give you electric shocks? Competitor Nicholas Woods told Newsround: "The electric shocks are brutal, your whole body literally jolts!" DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY don't try this at home!
Tough Guy competitors in mud
The course is 15km long but runners can choose a shorter 10km race if they want to.
Tough Guy competitor gets pulled out of mud
This guy needed a bit of help getting out of the mud!
Tough Guy competitor falls into muddy water
But there was no one to help stop this knight from falling into the muddy water...
Tough Guy competitor falls into muddy water
Or this woman wearing a Viking style helmet!
Tough Guy competitor in muddy water
The race is so gruelling that usually around one third of people who start the race don't make it to the finish line!
Tough Guy competitor dangles from rope
The event started in 1987 and happens on the last Sunday of every January on a farm.
Dog at Tough Guy event
Even dogs are allowed to come - if they don't mind getting a bit muddy!