Some families struggle in winter as energy prices rise

  • 2 December 2013
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Paige explains how energy bills are a worry for her

Heating our homes is getting more expensive because most of the big energy companies are putting their prices up.

With winter in full swing it's nice to get home and warm yourself up next to the radiator.

But the rise in energy prices means some families this winter might struggle to pay their bills.

The energy companies say nobody should be afraid to put the heating on.

They say help is there for those who need it most.

Watch Ayshah's report where she meets a family and sees what it means for them.

Energy prices

Where does energy come from and how do the prices get decided? Check out our explainer below from BBC reporter Steph McGovern.

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The BBC's Steph McGovern explains how we buy our energy

Energy in numbers

Each day the UK generates about 1,000,000,000 KWh of energy. This is enough power to:

• Make 50 billion cups of tea

• Drive 3.5 billion miles in an electric car

• Roast 757 million chickens

• Watch 5.6 billion hours of Doctor Who

And have you ever wondered how much it costs to run your electrical appliances? Well...

• Games consoles cost about £7 a year

• The average TV, DVD player and set top box cost about £67 a year

• Desk top PCs cost around £24 and laptops around £4 a year

• Most irons cost about £4.50 a year

• A fridge freezer costs around £109 a year

• A kettle costs about 2.5p every time it is boiled

• A washing machine costs about 30p every time it's used

Data from Energy UK