Xbox One put to the test

  • 21 November 2013
See Xbox One's new features

Microsoft's latest games console the Xbox One will go on sale at midnight on Friday.

The machine is out a week before Sony's PlayStation 4 reaches the UK.

BBC reporter Marc Cieslak got his hands on the new console and put it to the test.

What's new in the Xbox One?

The Xbox one will be faster and more powerful than the Xbox 360, and will also have a blu-ray player for watching hi-definition movies.

Radio 1 Newsbeat's Jonathan Blake takes us through some of the pros and cons of the new console.

Jonathan Blake has a look at the Xbox One

Will Xbox One beat the PS4?

"Sony appears to have built the faster gaming machine, while Microsoft has built a system that might appeal to a broader audience," said technology journalist Anand Shimpi.

"Anyone hoping for a clean sweep will likely be disappointed."

Games journalist Michael French agreed that both consoles can survive, as long as they don't upset their fans.

He said: "If platforms do start falling away it will likely be down to the manufacturers' own mistakes, rather than the actions of their rivals."