Pictures: Amazing animals seized at UK border

15 November 2013 Last updated at 14:29 GMT

The UK Border Force has revealed some of the astonishing items it's confiscated in 2013.
UK Border Force officer stood in a room full of ivory, elephant tusks and stuffed animals
The UK Border Force has revealed some of the astonishing items it has confiscated in 2013, including a massive haul of live and stuffed animals.
A room of stuffed animals.
The list includes 93 live animals - including eight live big cats! Immigration minister Mark Harper said: "Organised criminal gangs will smuggle anything if they think there is a profit to be made. The threat of extinction faced by many animals is of no interest to these ruthless traffickers."
A man holding an alligator's head.
This alligator head was just one of the illegal animal items found. Officials say more items were confiscated in 2013 than in any other year.
A collection of stuffed birds.
The Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (Cites) means bringing some items to the UK is illegal. These stuffed birds of prey and a bear's skull were seized by UK Border Force.
A collection of ivory objects.
These trinkets are made of ivory which comes from animal teeth and tusks. Elephants are illegally hunted for their ivory to make ornaments which are highly coveted in some cultures.
A snake in a bottle of spirits
This bottle of alcohol has a real snake inside. Rachel Jones of London Zoo says: "As the financial situation internationally picks up and people have more money in their pockets, the trade in animals or artefacts is only going to increase."