Firefighters in England and Wales have staged their latest strike

  • 4 November 2013
Firefighters attending a union rally

Firefighters in England and Wales have gone on strike for the third time in recent weeks, over a row with the government about pension ages.

Fire Brigades Union members walked out at 6:00am on Monday, in action set to last for two hours. It comes after strikes on Friday and last month.

They're still going to any major fires, but fire bosses advised people to put off home firework displays, or go to an organised event.

The government says the strike action is completely unnecessary and will harm the reputation of firefighters.

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There were strikes earlier this year too - the union are concerned about government plans to raise the age firefighters need to retire.

At the moment firefighters can retire at the age of 55, but the government wants to raise that age to 60.