Dog surfing competition takes place in California

30 September 2013 Last updated at 13:24 BST

Check out these pictures of dogs surfing at the 5th annual Surf City dog surfing competition at Huntington Beach in the USA.
Cool dog on a surd board
Board-wielding cool canines battled it out on the California waves at the weekend for the 5th annual Surf City dog surfing competition held at Huntington Beach.
Dog falls of surf board
The pooches certainly seemed to like getting wet and wild, with this pup falling off his surf board with style.
A dog surfing... with FBI dressed rubber ducks!
Cool surf dog Toby rides a wave with his three rubber ducky friends. Waterproof cameras helped to get a canine's eye view of the action.
Dog on bright yellow surf board!
This spaniel looks right at home on his surfboard - even if it does look a bit bored...
These pooches dressed up for the occasion, wearing matching capes! Hanzo, left, and Kalani, looked quite the super-dogs!
Little dog bails while trying to surf
Surf Dog Joey, a West Highland Terrier, bails on his surfboard. Well it's hard for little pups!
Doggy surfer with his surfer owner
Some doggy owners went along for the ride, although it looks like this man is having more fun than his pet.
Dog falls off surf board
What a wipe-out! The waves proved too much for some dogs, but it still looked like lots of fun.