Amazing photos show 'Feeding Life' theme

24 September 2013 Last updated at 06:51 BST

Here are the finalists from a photography competition run by the Society of Biology. This year's theme was 'Feeding Life'.
Red ants killing the fly for food in a circle of small root
These are the finalists from a photography competition run by the Society of Biology. The theme was "Feeding Life" and the photos show nature at work. This snap shows red ants that have captured a fly to eat. They are all balanced on a curl in the root of a plant.
It is a picture of a squirrel from the Grand Canyon nibbling on a piece of apple.
Can you guess where this little guy is? He's in the Grand Canyon in the United States. Rebecca says her picture is about how animals depend on one another to survive. This cheeky squirrel has benefitted from an apple crumb discarded by humans.
women in a line with rakes de-stoning rice
Rice is the staple food for 65% of the population in India. Rice milling is the oldest and the largest agro processing industry of the country. Paddy in its raw form cannot be consumed by human beings. It needs to be suitably processed for obtaining rice. In a rice mill yard the paddy is dried, cleaned and de-stoned for further processing by the female farmers.
Girl collects water from a puddle
Khalid Rayhan Shawon took this picture in Bangladesh and says: "Pure water is the name of life. In Gabura the people are deprived of pure drinking water as after cyclone Aila the whole area was submerged by sea water." Fair warning - the next photo is of a spider!
Jumping spider attacking an insect
Pretty scary! This image shows a jumping spider feasting on an insect. Jumping spiders use their keen vision to calculate the exact distance between themselves and their prey. At just the right moment they will pounce on the prey item, and inject venom into their prey.
Mother bird feeding baby bird
Kim Chong Keat took this picture and he says: "The baby bird needs food, the mother bird needs food, all predators need food. Protect environment, protect food is a must."
Fishermen casting their nets in a water body
Artificial lakes are created in the drought prone districts of West Bengal to combat dry spells, but they also serve as food suppliers to the local villages. These fishermen are catching fish for the local villagers.
Fisherman gives food to the seagulls
João Alexandre Porto Da Rocha Coutinho took this picture, he says: "The Fisherman gives food to the seagulls. Shows how the nature can live in harmony with the Human being in the same space."
Ant feeding off a plant
In this picture the ant is feeding off the plant, but as photographer Kristhian Castro notes, the ant is also providing protection for the plant just by being there. In nature this kind of two-way exchange is called symbiosis.
Heron catching a minnow
This is a heron captured in mid-catch. The fish it's about to catch is a minnow. Paddy says this picture demonstrates the natural food chain as herons need fish like the minnow to to survive.