"Hay vortex"
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'Hay Devil' mini tornado caught on camera in Hampshire

30 August 2013 Last updated at 13:32 BST

It looks like a giant invisible creature is ripping through the field throwing hay everywhere... but this is actually a mini tornado.

It's been nicknamed the 'Hay Devil' after an old Looney Tunes cartoon character called Tasmanian Devil or Taz, which was famous for causing a massive whirlwind around him as he raced around.

This strange event though is caused by hot air, which is rising from the air in a circular movement.

The weather conditions caused this mini vortex which picked up dirt and debris as it gathered speed.

Kevin Farndell who stumbled across this in a field in Hampshire, managed to capture it on camera.

He said: "I was only about 40 feet away from it so it was quite a sight," he said.

"I was beginning to get covered by the falling debris of the straw.

"It tracked diagonally and went through this gap where there was a couple of hedges and that was it. It was gone."