Commonwealth Games tickets go on sale

  • 20 August 2013
Leah explains the Commonwealth Games

The first batch of tickets for next year's Commonwealth Games went on sale on Monday.

Sport fans will have four weeks to request tickets for the 2014 Games which will take place in Glasgow next July.

Organisers say they won't hand out any tickets until after the four weeks - and tickets to popular events like the 100m final will be chosen by a draw.

There has already been high demand for tickets as people trying to buy them online were warned that they may have to wait for more than an hour.

There will be a second round of ticket sales later this year with more than a million tickets up for grabs in total.

What are the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth games have been going since the 1930s when they were first called the British Empire Games.

They bring together countries from across the world that used to be run by Britain. In Glasgow, there will be 4,500 athletes from 71 countries competing in 17 sports.

Are you excited about the Commonwealth Games?

I am excited about the Commonwealth Games because I live in Glasgow and I train with someone who is going to be in them - and I want to go and see him.

Eve, Glasgow, Scotland

I am fairly excited and hope that me and my family can get hold of some tickets to watch it but I won't mind if I watch it in the comfort of my own home.

Jasmine, London, England

I can't wait for the games to come to Scotland and I would also like to see the gymnastics, swimming and the running.

Millie, Paisley, Scotland

I am excited about having a major sport competition so close to home again. I cannot wait to get behind England again and wave my flag at the events as I did at London 2012.

Joe, Richmond, England

I am very excited because they are happening in Glasgow! Me and my family are trying to get tickets!

Ailsa, Glasgow, Scotland

I'm excited for the games because my dad said we are going to try and get tickets! I hope the atmosphere is like the Olympics last year.

Kayla, Salford, England

I've never seen it before but since Olympics 2012, I'm more interested!

Alisha, Wallington, England

I am really excited about about the games and my mum has got me some tickets to watch the games with my friends.

Charlotte, Beckenham, England

I don't think much of the Commonwealth Games and I would not want to go to Glasgow for one event, I'd rather watch it at home on my sofa and be nice comfy!

Corey, Stoke, England

I can't wait for the Commonwealth Games because just like the Olympic Games it inspires people to get involved with sports.

Orla, Derby, England

I am a little excited. I hope Britain wins some things!

Simran, Essex, England

I don't know that much about the Commonwealth Games, though I have heard of the name. The Olympics are more famous but big names like Mo Farah and Usian Bolt will definitely make it memorable.

Rowan, Bromyard, England

I'm excited but not like I was for London! It's good that the games are in Glasgow so there can be more celebrations!

Lucia, Suffolk, England

I am sort of excited about the games but I don't know much about them.

Sukhraj, London, England

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