Email your ideas to the Dragons' Den!

  • 2 August 2013
Dragons' Den stars

Have you ever wanted to pitch an idea to the business brains on Dragons' Den? Now's your chance!

This year two new Dragons are joining the den - Kelly Hoppen MBE and Piers Linney.

Newsround is meeting them for a chat tomorrow - and we want to put some of your business ideas to them!

Image caption Kelly Hoppen is known for her stunning home designs...
Image caption ...whilst Piers is a banking and technology whizz!

If you were on Dragons' Den, what would you pitch to the experts?

If you have a great idea for a website, product or invention, get in touch - and you may see the new Dragons discussing it on Newsround!

Your comments

My idea is a self-controlling sofa which make the sofa warm by click of a finger.

Jeslin, Glasgow, Scotland

I would create a light which you would wave at to turn off and on to make it easier for people with either crutches or a disability , in my eyes it would thrive!!

Lucie, Brighton, England

My idea would be a chair that you will speak to and the chair will do what you ask. Like if you ask it "give me a drink".

Simrun, Sutton Coldfield, England

How about a wardrobe that keeps check of what clothes you have.

Lottie, Nottingham, England

I think that a kind of shower and dress thing should be made for disabled people. So it's a kind of cubicle that has a curtain around it. It has these mechanical arms to wash, dry and dress you. It would be really helpful for disabled people and their families.

Freya, Glasgow, Scotland

If I could invent anything it would be a machine that reads kids bedtime stories, plays games like football and tennis teaches them to read and write. It would be called the teddybot and it would be a giant teddy with changeable voices.

Danielle, England

I think a horse riding helmet that massages your head while you are riding would be really cool!

Sophie, Kettering, England