Royal baby quiz: How well do you know your royal babies?

  • 4 May 2015
Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Harry as babies

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had a baby girl, the newest addition to the Royal Family.

See how well you know your royal babies from their photographs...

Baby with her mother
Which royal baby is pictured here with her mother?

It's the Queen as a baby, pictured with her mother. This photo was taken in 1926, soon after she was born.

Royal baby
Which baby is this, being presented to the public for the first time?

Did you get it? It's Prince George who was born in July 2013.

Baby prince
Which royal baby is this?

It's Prince Charles, with his mother the Queen and his father the Duke of Edinburgh.

Royal baby
Which baby prince is this?

It's Prince William.

Baby prince
Who's this little boy?

It's Prince William's younger brother Prince Harry.

Baby princess
Which royal baby is this?

This is Mia Tindall. She's the daughter of Prince William's cousin Zara Phillips. Mia was born in January 2014.

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