JK Rowling writes under secret name

JK Rowling

JK Rowling has secretly written a crime novel by pretending to be a new male writer.

The Cuckoo's Calling, a story about a war veteran turned private investigator, has already sold 1,500 copies.

It was written secretly by the Harry Potter author under the false name - Robert Galbraith.

She said she'd hoped to keep the secret a little longer but had enjoyed pretending to be someone else.

You told us what you would do under a secret name.

Your comments

My secret name would be Esme Winters. Esme is one of my favourite names and winter is my favourite season. I would also be an author like JK Rowling.

Grace, Warrington

I would have a boys name so I can then find out what boys really talk about.

Olivia, Surrey

I would be called Olly Perry because my favourite pop stars are Olly Murs and Katy Perry. Under this name I would work as an undercover TV news reporter.

Scott, County Durham

I would be a spy called Scarlet Fox.

Christina, Inverness

I would be called Melody Richards and I would become a secret agent for the MI5

Aimee, London

I would open an ice cream shop and call myself Raspberry Ripple.

Charlotte, Southend

I would be called Emily and would be a trapeze artist.

Eleanor, Stratford-on-Avon

If I had a secret name I would pretend to be a Hollywood movie star. I'd wear sunglasses everywhere so I wasn't recognised.

Sadie, Brampton

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