World's Ugliest Dog Contest 2013 - pictures

23 June 2013 Last updated at 10:42 BST

Thirty canines put on their best faces to compete in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in California, USA.
Roman, a Mexican hairless
Thirty mutts have been competing in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in America. Roman, a Mexican hairless, pulls a face for the audience during the event in California.
Penny, pure bred pug
Penny, a pure bred pug, lets it all hang out whilst she waits for the start of the show.
Isaboo, Chi-Cre terrier
Here's Isaboo, a Chi-Cre terrier, on the red carpet. This year the annual contest celebrated its 25th anniversary.
Ellie Mae, a Chinese Crested.
Ty Oppelt smiles as he holds his pet Ellie Mae, a Chinese Crested.
Josie, a Chinese crested dog
Showing off her pearls is Josie, another Chinese Crested dog. Previous winners have often been Chinese Crested.
Grovie, a pug
Nice outfit! Grovie the pug is hoping he's got this year's Ugliest Dog title on lockdown! Get it?!
Icky, a Chinese Crested
Icky, a Chinese Crested, looks on nervously before the start of the competition.
Penny, pure bred pug
Here's Penny the pug again, striking a pose at the contest, which happened at Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma on 21 June.
Rascal the dog
Rascal takes time out to pose for a portrait while competing. He looks pretty 'woof'!
Walle, a basset-beagle mix
It was Walle who was crowned the surprise champ - because of his oversized head.
Walle, a basset-beagle mix
A round of 'ap-paws' for the winner! Walle's owner said she was going to treat him to a trip to New York!