Jellyfish sting ends record swimming attempt

  • 13 June 2013
Jellyfish stop record swimming attempt

An Australian swimmer has been forced to end her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida after being stung by a jellyfish.

Chloe McCardel from Melbourne was eleven hours into her marathon swim when she had to give up after getting such a painful sting she couldn't continue.

The area is famous for being home to the deadly box jellyfish, whose venom is thought to be the most poisonous in the world.

Steve Backshall talks about jellyfish

The jellyfish, which are also known as sea wasps, have up to 15 stinging tentacles which can grow up to a whopping three meters long.

McMardel was trying to become the first person to cross the one hundred mile straits of Florida without a shark cage.

It was the fifth failed attempt to swim the distance since 2011, every time either jellyfish or bad weather have stopped the challengers from finishing.

Ms McCardel earlier described the swim as "the hardest in the world today".