UK to give more money to feed those in poorest countries

  • 9 June 2013
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Danny Boyle speaks about hunger around the world

The UK has pledged to give an extra £375 million to try and feed people in some of the world's poorest countries.

That's their share of the £2.9 billion some of the richest governments have pledged to try and solve hunger around the world.

The deal was done at a meeting of the G8 held in London.

David Cameron hosted eight of the most powerful countries in the world, private companies and hunger charities.

On Saturday 45,000 people gathered in Hyde Park in London to ask for more to be done to tackle hunger.

They want governments to donate more money to help countries who don't have enough food in Africa.

The man who set up computer company Microsoft Bill Gates, and film director Danny Boyle were two of the famous people who took park in the protest.

You can check out what Danny Boyle, who directed the opening ceremony at London 2012, had to say above.