International kite festival takes off in France

13 May 2013 Last updated at 17:56 BST

From the funky to the frightening - epic kite festival takes off in France this week.
Colourful kites
Tourists visiting France this week are in for a treat! The annual International Kite Festival is happening in Berck-sur-Mer in the north of the country.
Colourful kites
Over a hundred weird and wonderful kites are flown by teams of flyers, who have to work together to perfect the display and make sure that the wires don't get tangled.
Colourful kites
It's thought that more than half a million people will flock to France to see the flying spectacles this week - which range from scary sea creatures to tubby teddies.
Crab kite
Even though it is a 'little nippy' outside, families from all over Europe visit the event.
Panda kite
The kites come in all shapes and sizes - this panda is a whopping 10ft tall!
Reptile kite
Rather scary reptiles made an appearance at the festival, which takes place on the golden sands of Pas de Calais.