Factory owners arrested after Dhaka building collapse

  • 27 April 2013
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Martin reports on Asia's clothing industry

Two owners of clothes factories in the building that collapsed in Bangladesh's capital city Dhaka have given themselves up to police.

Mahbubur Rahman Tapas and Balzul Samad Adnan are suspected of forcing their staff to work in the building, ignoring warnings about cracks.

At least 336 people died after the eight-storey Rana Plaza building collapsed on Wednesday.

On Saturday morning, at least 24 more people were rescued from the rubble.

Rescuers and volunteers, who worked through the night, cheered as they were brought to safety.

More than 3,000 people are believed to have been working in the building at the time of the collapse and about 600 are still missing.

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Leah reports on the problem of unsafe factories in Asia


The disaster has led to angry protests in Bangladesh against poor building safety standards.

Thousands of Bangladeshis took to the streets of Dhaka to demonstrate, insisting that the factory owners be arrested and that the government work to improve conditions for workers.

On Friday, police tried to break up crowds that had blocked roads, set fire to buses and attacked textile factories.

Police are now guarding other clothes factories in the area.

Bangladesh has one of the largest clothes-making industries in the world, providing cheap clothing for many big shops across the world.

But the industry has been widely criticised for its low pay and the sometimes dangerous conditions faced by workers in overcrowded factories.