Designs Of The Year awards 2013 - the coolest nominees

17 April 2013 Last updated at 15:45 BST

A folding wheelchair and stylish wooden chair are two of the winners of the Designs Of The Year competition. This is Newsround's pick of the coolest nominees.
A folding wheelchair next to a yellow wooden chair.
This folding wheelchair and stylish wooden chair were two of the winners of this year's Designs Of The Year competition held by the Design Museum. This is Newsround's pick of the coolest nominees.
The Olympic cauldron
Nominated in the Product category was the Olympic cauldron which burned throughout the 2012 Games in the Olympic Stadium in London. The cauldron was 8.5 metres high and was made up of 204 copper petals which were carried to the opening ceremony by the participating countries.
A pair of thick-rimmed glasses.
These glasses have fluid-filled lenses which allow the user to adjust the focus of the glasses until everything is in sharp focus. They have been designed for children and mean parents won't have to buy new glasses every time their children's eyesight changes!
A green bicycle with a long steel bar across it.
The Donky bike by Ben Wilson has a strong steel bar running along it - which means the bike is perfect for carrying heavy items.
A little printer with a face.
This friendly looking gadget is the Little Printer which prints news headlines, puzzles and social networking updates on a roll of paper, like a personalised miniature newspaper!
light field caera
The Lytro light field camera was nominated in the digital category. The camera captures all the light in a room, not just a 2D image. It means you can change the focus on your photographs later!
The Shard
Recognise this building? It's the Shard in London and was nominated in the architecture category. It's the tallest building in western Europe. It contains offices, restaurants, apartments and the city's highest viewing platform.
A glass table with a rippling water effect.
This beautiful table was nominated in the furniture category. The liquid glacial table was designed by Zaha Hadid and looks like it's made of water. The top is flat but the underside is rippled which makes the legs look like they are pouring out of the tabletop.