Manchester firefighters rescue deer from canal

16 April 2013 Last updated at 13:34 BST

A deer is rescued from the Bridgewater canal by a team of firefighters.
A deer in the water.
This unlucky deer plunged into the Bridgewater Canal on Monday - and wasn't able to climb out.
The crew from the Water Incident Unit at Eccles.
Experts from the RSPCA and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene.
A deer in the water.
The firefighters secured the deer near the edge of the canal to stop it from swimming away and getting into even more trouble.
The deer is tied to the side of the canal with a yellow rope.
They used a bowline knot in the rope to make sure it didn't tighten around the deer's neck and harm it.
The deer is secured with a special animal-grab around its neck.
A vet helped calm the deer down and the RSPCA provided a special animal-grab which allowed the deer to be pulled out of the water.
The deer is checked by a vet.
The deer was checked afterwards by a vet and luckily hadn't been harmed.
A soggy deer sits bewildered in a metal cage.
The deer was taken to a sanctuary to recover and the RSPCA plan to release her back into the wild soon.