Video: Top 5 epic school journeys

  • 3 April 2013
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Canoeing through the Amazon rainforest, treks in the Himalayas, lengthy climbs up some of the steepest mountains - they all sound like major expeditions by brave and famous adventurers...

But in some parts of the world, children your age make journeys like these just to get to school!

In places like Kenya or the Himalayas schools and villages are very far apart and so there's no easy way for the people to get to them... and sometimes there's even a mountain right in the middle of the way!

Here are Newsround's Top 5 epic school journeys:

5) Walking barefoot in Kenya

Children living in the foothills of Mount Elgon in Kenya, Africa, often walk barefoot to school. And they can be walking for a few miles each way just to get to lessons. The roads are made of earth and rocks, and during the rainy season they turn very muddy making getting to school even trickier.

Watch the journey of these kids in Kenya...

4) Riding in a canoe in the Amazon rainforest

Kids in Mondana, a small village in Ecuador, South America, take to the water to get to school. The village is in the Amazon rainforest and there are few roads. So children get into a canoe and travel along the River Napo instead.

See kids in the Amazon travel by canoe...

3) Walking along steep mountain paths

The Banpo primary school in China is located halfway up a mountain. Some students live in the nearby Gengguan village and to get up to the school they have to walk carefully through narrow cliff path on the sides of the mountain. Hope they're not afraid of heights!

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Image caption You have to walk in a straight line on these paths!

2) Climbing up mountains in China

Children living in a small village area in China have to climb ladders up the sides of mountains to get back home from school. Luckily it's not a daily journey that they make, as they're away from home for months whilst at school. When they do return they have a steep journey!

These kids climb mountains to get home

1) Trekking through the Himalayas

The icy and snow filled landscape makes this an epic journey to school. When the roads are impossible to get through, a few children have to trek along the Zanskar River gorge for 100km along the ice to get to their school. Luckily this isn't a daily journey either!

Image caption Imagine if the Himalayan mountains were on your way to school!