Pictures: Arizona's amazing jumping spiders!

11 March 2013 Last updated at 15:57 GMT

Check out these amazing pictures of spiders photographed in Arizona in America.
Habronattus male spider
Check out these photos from photographer Thomas Shahan. These super close-ups are of a possible new species of Habronattus jumping spider.
Habronattus virgulatus male spider
Along with scientists from the University of California in America, he headed to the state of Arizona to look for these spiders and investigate the way they communicate and behave.
Habronattus pugilis male spider
Thomas says: “These spiders are quite difficult to spot - as they are often mottled with brownish tan and black markings, and are often hanging out in sandy to rocky areas, making them nearly invisible.”
Arizona valley where images were taken
Looking at the Arizona valley where the pictures were taken, you can understand why they're hard to spot!
Unknown Habronattus species
One of the scientists working on the project, Damian Elias, said: 'It's a beautiful spider and ‘new’ to us… further work will determine if it's an undocumented hybrid or a new species'.
Habronattus hallani male spider
Photographer Thomas wants people to share in his love of these spiders. He said: “They're colourful, ornate, beautiful little animals that many people can find attractive."