Video: Half a million children flee Syria

  • 6 March 2013
Ricky finds out more about the refugees leaving Syria...

The number of refugees who've fled the violence in war-torn Syria has reached one million, half of whom are children.

The announcement has come from the United Nations, who say most of the children are aged under 11.

The conflict in Syria began two years ago, between government forces and rebel fighters who want their country run in a different way.

In that time, it's thought that more than 70,000 people have been killed.

Two million people are said to have moved to other parts of Syria to escape the worst of the fighting.

Another million have fled the country altogether, to live in refugee camps in nearby countries.

Many of those who've left now live in difficult conditions, with poor sanitation and not enough food or shelter to cope with the harsh winter.

It's estimated 110,000 people have gone to Zaatari refugee camp, on the border of Syria and its neighbour Jordan.

Newsround's Leah has been to the camp - watch the clips to find out more...

Leah reports from Zaatari refugee camp