Video: David Cameron appears in new One Direction video

  • 17 February 2013
Ricky's got all the gossip on the new One Direction video

This year's Comic Relief single by One Direction features a special guest appearance by David Cameron.

His cameo's being kept under wraps for now but the single goes on sale tomorrow.

It's a medley of two old songs - Blondie's 'One Way or Another' and 'Teenage Kicks' by The Undertones.

The Government's announced any VAT - the tax you pay when you buy things - raised from its sale will go to Comic Relief.

David Cameron isn't the first famous person to appear in a music video and we bet Ricky would love to join the 1D boys on set.

You told us who you wanted to see in a One Direction video.

Your Comments

"I think One Direction should appear with their families in their next video because they mean so much to the boys."

Maryam, Birmingham, England

"David Walliams should be in a 1D video because he could dress up in a tutu and wave a banner saying 'I love you 1D'."

Lucy, Gillingham, England

"I think that they should do a video with the Military Wives because it would be a great opportunity for them and they could donate all the money made to the army."

Hollie, Norfolk, England

"I would like to see Tom Daley in one of their music vids. Niall could then show him his diving skills."

Niamh, Omagh, Northern Ireland

"I would like to see the British Paralympian swimmer, Ellie Simmonds with them as she is an inspiration to everyone."

Kay, Aberdeen, Scotland

"If I had to choose one person to star with the 1D boys it would be the presenters of Top Gear. The 1D boys could then use the cars that they use in the show.

Emily, Suffolk, England

"I would chose the Queen because she is so famous and I don't think she has ever been in a music video."

Julia, Dorking, England

"I'd really want to see Ed Sheeran in a 1D video. He is quite important to them as he writes some of there songs."

Hannah, Cheshire, England

"Katy Perry because she is a singing sensation and 1D love her. Plus, Katy is a big fan of the band."

Bethany, Bolton, England

"I think Marouane Fellaini, who plays for Everton should be in a 1D video because he could show all of them up with his hair!"

Jack, Birmingham, England

"I would put sport stars like Mo Farah in their next video because the video will then inspire people to take up sport."

Lauren, Sunderland, England

"I would like to see Hacker T. Dog because he is really cute."

Ellie, Kent, England

"I think that all the 1D fans should be in the video because we all love them so much."

Lauren, Grimsby, England

"Robbie Williams, because he supported the boys all the way through X Factor and the boys love him!"

Shannon, Kent, England

"I would like to see Team GB in a 1D video. It would be a good way to celebrate their success in the Olympics and Paralympics."

Curtis, Gosport, England

"I think they should have Kate Milddleton because they would raise lots of money for and would become a huge hit around the world."

Ben, Beckenham, England

"I would love to see the Queen in one of their videos! I love One Direction!"

Ellie, Stoke, England

"I would chose Katy Perry because I think she would jazz up the video."

Morven, Nairn, Scotland

"I would choose Michelle Obama because I think it would be funny to see The First Lady in a music video!"

Nicole, Manchester, England

"I would like James Bond to be in their video because it would be so cool if he did his spy moves with 1D."

Ellie, Oxford, England