Video: Meteor falls over Russia

  • 16 February 2013
Ricky's been finding out more about the meteorite strike

A meteor has fallen over Russia - injuring almost 1000 people and damaging buildings.

Most of those people hurt only suffered minor cuts and bruises but windows were blown out of buildings.

A fireball was seen racing through the sky above the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, followed by loud bangs.

Reports say that the meteor landed in a lake near Chebarkul, a town in the neighbouring Chelyabinsk region.

Thousands of rescue workers have now arrived in the area to provide help.

Students from Chelyabinsk university captured footage of the meteor

Officials say fragments falling from a large meteor that partially burned up in the lower atmosphere caused the damage.

Debris also reportedly fell on the west Siberian region of Tyumen.