Zoo animals celebrate Valentine's Day

14 February 2013 Last updated at 16:11 GMT

Check out our picture gallery of zoo animals 'celebrating' Valentine's Day all over the world.
A Wallaby holds a rose at Twycross Zoo, Warwickshire
Love is certainly in the air at Twycross Zoo, in Warwickshire! This wallaby was given a rose as a treat.
A Marmoset monkey holds a Valentine's Day card
A Marmoset monkey looks at a Valentine's Day card at a Safari Park near Stirling - we think Joe sent it!
A jaguar licks a heart-shaped Valentine
Five-year-old jaguar Nindiri received a romantic lunch - a heart-shaped Valentine's Day treat of frozen beef blood, beef hearts and pieces of meat at the San Diego Zoo, California. Delicious!
An African Penguin holds a Valentine's Day card
Oh dear - it doesn't look like this penguin had much luck when he tried to give his friend a Valentine's Card in San Francisco, California. Cold shoulder!
A meerkat looks at a beetroot flavoured love heart
Wonder who this meerkat's secret admirer is? Another tasty looking heart-shaped treat...
A Meerkat is given a rose as a Valentine's treat
This meerkat's secret admirer went down the traditional route and left a rose.
A Chimpanzee holds a heart-shaped bag
This chimpanzee at Whipsnade Zoo received a whole bag of treats in a heart-shaped bag - what a lucky boy!
Two ring tailed lemurs hold a rose
These two ring tailed lemurs don't want to let each other go at Bristol Zoo Gardens - all together now: ahhhhhh!