Pictures of your epic snow creations!

23 January 2013 Last updated at 16:34 GMT

You've sent us some really cool snowmen, snowwomen, snowaliens and more - here are some of our favourites!
A cat made of snow in a snowy garden. A bewildered dog looks on.
Emma in Kent sent us this photo of her snow cat! That pooch looks bewildered.
A boy with his snowman.
Billy in Sheffield made this epic snowman over the weekend - it has one face on the front and a different one on the back!
A girl sat next to a wall of snow with two dogs.
Caroline and her pups Ben and Abi are protected by their snow wall - flanked by two fearsome-looking security snow guards!
Three children next to their snowmen.
Tom, Jack and Eve from Holmfirth are joined by two snowmen in this lovely group photo.
A girl with her snowman.
Natalia in Coventry. Her snowgirl is wearing a splendid pashmina.
A lady and girl beside a snowlady, snowman and snowcat.
Alison and Freya built this jolly snowlady and snowman - and can you spot their snowcat?
A snowman and snowalien.
Don't worry - we haven't been invaded! This is just a snowalien made by Maisie greeting a snow-Earthling she made with her brother Harvey.
A girl stood beside an igloo.
Check out this luxury igloo sent in by Amelia in Harpenden. It even has a soft interior to snuggle up in!
A boy on a sun lounger in sunglasses and shorts next to a snowman on a sun lounger.
Adam in Newport is quite literally 'chilling out' with his snowman. We're not sure this is appropriate clothing for the winter weather Adam - but you do look 'cool'!
A family with an enormous snowman.
Bethany and her family in Leicester sent in their photo of this abominable snowman they named Bob!
Two boys with their snow alien.
Adeeb and his brother met this creature from another planet. Ok, not really - they built it out of snow! Amazing work boys.
Two children with their snowman.
Beth and Charlie in Markfield made this classic snowman with a very fetching scarf.
Two girls with a snowman.
Zoe and Emma in Bolton have made a new friend - it's their humble snowman! Snazzy earmuffs girls.
Two children with a snowman.
Toby and Jemima have made this snowy tribute to the Paralympic Games!
Two girls with a snowman.
It looks like Ellie and Grace in Gravesend used most of the snow in their garden to make their snowman.
Four children and a snowman.
Tom, Anna, Kira and Belle pose with their hairy snowman!
Two polar bears made of snow.
Look out - there are polar bears on the loose in London... not really! They're just sculptures made by Max.
Two children with their snowman.
Elsa and Dimitri have just moved to the UK from Portugal and this is their first snowy winter! Glad you're enjoying the snow - and the Newsround website.