Wind making Australia wildfires worse

  • 8 January 2013
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Strong winds and record temperatures have caused large fires to keep spreading in south-east Australia.

More than 130 are burning in New South Wales, 40 of which haven't yet been brought under control by fire fighters.

Another large fire is burning on the island of Tasmania, near areas hit by blazes over the weekend.

The country's prime minister, Julia Gillard, has described Tuesday as "a very dangerous day".

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Josh Fisher is a weatherman in Australia. Check out his forecast just for NR.


People have been asked to leave their homes in parts of New South Wales where four areas have been given a "catastrophic" fire danger rating.

That means that if fires break out they will be uncontrollable.

The dangerous situation has come about after days of very hot weather in Australia, with temperatures passing 40 degrees Celsius.

Strong winds of up to 50mph have helped spread the fires too.

All national parks and state forests have been closed to the public and many tourists have been seen leaving campsites.

To try and stop things getting worse people have been banned from lighting fires across New South Wales, Canberra, Tasmania and Victoria.