Pictures: Abandoned ship turned into art

10 December 2012 Last updated at 13:31 GMT

A decommissioned cruise liner marooned in the Dee Estuary in Flintshire has become the home to a range of urban artwork murals.
Duke of Lancaster with Kiwie pirate (left) and Pirate Emil (right)
A closed down cruise ship has been turned into a work of art after it was decorated by street artists. The ship is called The Duke of Lancaster and it has been docked in North Wales since 1979.
Council of Monkeys, by Goin
Street artists from across Europe have painted their bright and unusual designs on the ship's hull. Some of the work was completed at night. This design is called the Council of Monkeys.
The prophet of profit by MrZero
The street artists have names like Zombie, Bungle and The Cream Soda Crew. Some of the works express an opinion about modern life.
Eduk the Diver, by The Cream Soda Crew
Eduk the Diver is the largest work on the ship so far. It was created by The Cream Soda Crew and is about 18 metres high!
Mauricamia, by Fin DAC
This design is called Mauricamia and is on an area of the ship which can't be seen from the coastal road. The artists hope it will be seen by more people if the ship is opened to the public. Images by Annar 50.