JLS Foundation relaunched with Cancer Research UK

  • 7 December 2012
JLS on their new mission to help beat cancer

Top boyband JLS have teamed up with Cancer Research UK for a new mission to help beat cancer.

The guys are raising money with a prize draw, where the winners get to hang out with them! They're also putting healthy living advice online.

Marvin told Newsround: "We make no secret of the fact that we've always wanted to give back and help others where we can, and use our voices and the fact we're JLS to raise and create awareness."

The announcement marks the relaunch of the JLS Foundation, which was set up in 2010 to help different charities.

JB added: "The way we look at it is that no matter how much or how little you've done, or how old or how young you are, you can always give something back."

"What we want to try and do is spread the word as much as possible, donate our time, our money as well, to get as many people involved as possible."